COVID-19 free online antenatal course

During the COVID-19 pandemic, pregnant women are advised to be especially careful about social contact. This makes it impossible to attend an antenatal class. But we have an alternative.

The Solihull Approach online antenatal course has exactly the same content as the antenatal class. It is written by midwives, health visitors and clinical psychologists. There are videos and quizzes. You can be confident that you are learning the key info about pregnancy, labour and birth. You are getting ready to meet your baby.

This course is for pregnant mums, fathers, partners, grandparents and anyone else who will be involved with the baby.

During the COVID restrictions you/ the women you support (and their supporters) may be able to access for FREE* ‘Understanding your pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby’ in English, Urdu, or a version for women couples.

Click here to gain access > then click a green button ‘register and access course‘ on the course of your choice. Only use an Access Code (orange box) if you have been given a code in your area (access codes have been purchased for multiple users and give access to a range of courses).

*At the moment the antenatal online course is only free in certain areas. The Solihull Approach would dearly love to make it free to everyone but we also need to make sure the site is stable and can handle an influx of new learners without crashing! We are therefore working hard in the background to enable us to open it up even wider. We hope to add new areas in the coming days and weeks. We are a non-funded, non-profit department with the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

Sorry for any disappointment if it appears unavailable in your area. Please check again later to see if it is free for you.

If you are visiting this page from outside the UK you may purchase the course here for a one off payment of £19 for non-expiring access.