Embedding the Solihull Approach

The Solihull Approach training is designed to reach many practitioners in an organisation, whether to enhance one to one work or parenting groups. It uses a cascade model to reach across an organisation or a country in a cost effective manner.
Who are you going to train?
Some areas start with one professional group e.g. health visitors and gradually expand to cover all practitioners who work with children and families, from nursery nurses to firefighters. You can see what other areas have done in SA In Use where you can see videos and posters that practitioners have made about how they have implemented the Solihull Approach in their area and details of their research. There is also a book ‘Solihull Approach in Practice‘ with examples from around the UK and internationally. If you have any questions, just give us a call on 0121 296 4448.
How are you going to support turning theory into practice?
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Embedding the Solihull Approach
You can watch how other areas are turning theory into practice.
You can download the Toolkit from N Ireland here.   Download You can download the N Lanarkshire Peer Support Session Guidance for Staff here.   Download Who are going to be the cascade trainers?
Practitioners, even though they are busy with their normal jobs, often enjoy delivering Solihull Approach training, because it is well received by delegates and they can see that it makes a difference. They are likely to be anxious about being a trainer, however, which is why it is important to support them.
Our phone number is 0121 296 4448. Or email us on solihull.approach@heartofengland.nhs.uk or use the Contact us form.