Adult 2 Day Foundation Training: ‘Keeping trauma in mind’ Trainers’ Manual

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To deliver the Solihull Approach Adult 2 Day Foundation training ‘Keeping Trauma in Mind’.
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Day 1 introduces the Solihull Approach model. The end of Day 1 and the beginning of Day 2 link theory to practice. Day 2 then covers neurology and trauma, recognising trauma, trauma and attachment, recovery from trauma and then shows how an understanding of the Solihull Approach model and an understanding of trauma can inform practice.
Each delegate will need a relevant Supporting Information Booklet @£10 (please order separately as required for each training you deliver). This booklet includes the Solihull Approach model and information about trauma, to support the training and encourage the move from theory into practice after the training.
We also encourage practitioners to have access to a more comprehensive Resource Pack (for example the School Years Resource Pack). This encourages further reading about the model and its application, enhancing theory into practice. The Resource Packs includes photocopiable handouts for adults who are parents.
We have found that in order to support professionals’ continued use of the Solihull Approach model and to move theory into practice, it is vital to put into place a plan for ongoing support before the training begins, see Making it Happen. Many areas have found a variety of ways of providing support, see Solihull Approach in Use. The adult workers attending the pilot ‘Keeping Trauma in Mind’  trainings have been supported by a further four x 1.5 hour practice development sessions, which are considered to have made a big difference.
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