Postnatal Plus Parenting Group Facilitators' Manual

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This Manual enables practitioners to facilitate the Postnatal Plus Parenting Group version of ‘Understanding your baby’, for mothers and fathers with relationship difficulties with their baby and for mothers with postnatal depression.
Session 1: Understanding your baby: Helping you think about how you and your baby are feeling
Session 2: Understanding your baby’s brain development and communications
Session 3: Understanding your baby’s communication: crying
Session 4: Understanding your baby’s rhythms and developing healthy sleep patterns
Session 5: Understanding your baby: Feeding
Session 6: Understanding your baby: Play and development
Session 7: Understanding your baby: Being separate from your baby
Session 8: Understanding your baby: Review and moving forward
To run this group you need to have completed a 2 Day Foundation Training and a Parenting Group Facilitators training.
See trainings for details of the one day training.