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This 9 session/lesson course about parenthood has been designed for delivery in schools for teenagers. It has mainly been delivered to adolescents aged 14-15 years, but it could be delivered to younger adolescents. It is based on the Solihull Approach model, so it emphasises the importance of relationships, emotional support and the relationship with the baby. It introduces adolescents to their own brain development in order to engage them in the baby’s brain development and the key role that parents play in this. It has (hopefully) a lively mixture of interactive learning activities and information. The Manual has detailed lesson plans and includes all the information needed for the course. It includes an optional session with a mother and baby.
Teachers/facilitators need to have completed either the 2 Day Foundation Training or the Solihull Approach Whole School Training before delivering this course.
Session 1 Relationships and preconception health
Session 2 Baby brain development
Session 3 Relationships start early!
Session 4 A baby’s experience
Session 5 Your brain development
Session 6 Being a parent
Session 7 Babies are sociable and play
Session 8a Meeting a parent and baby
Session 8b Parents and babies
Session 9 Your key messages