Solihull Approach Reflective Supervision Trainers' Manual

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To deliver the Solihull Approach 1 Day Advanced Training ‘Solihull Approach Reflective Supervision’
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This 1 Day Advanced Training operationalises the application of the Solihull Approach to supervision. It covers neurology and the ‘window of tolerance’, the SARS Practice Guide, Reflection zones, stages of group development, preparing for and processing after supervision, developing your own internal supervisor and an opportunity to think about your local picture.
Each delegate will need a relevant Supporting Information Booklet @£10 (please order separately as required for each training you deliver). This booklet includes summaries of the Solihull Approach model and of brain development and the ‘window of tolerance’. It includes the Practice Guide, toolkit items, and case studies to support the training and encourage the move from theory into practice after the training. It includes case examples illustrating the use of the Solihull Approach model in supervision and has space for personal notes and reflections.
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