The Solihull Approach to Management 2 Day Foundation Training & 1 Day Advanced Training Trainers’ Manual

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To deliver the Solihull Approach 2 Day Foundation Training for Managers and/or 1 Day Advanced Training ‘The Solihull Approach to Management’
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The 2DF training covers neurology and introduces the Solihull Approach model. The end of Day 1 and the beginning of Day 2 link theory to practice. Day 2 consolidates the learning, and covers trauma and management. Opportunities are given throughout both days to think about the managerial context, using case studies and activities. The training applies the Solihull Approach model to managerial situations using case studies and activities. Unusually, it also integrates an understanding of trauma.
The 1 Day Advanced Training covers neurology and trauma and provides opportunities to reflect on the relevance of the Solihull Approach model to managerial situations using case studies and activities.
Each delegate will need a relevant Supporting Information Booklet @£10 (please order separately as required for each training you deliver). This booklet includes summaries of the Solihull Approach model and of brain development and trauma, to support the training and encourage the move from theory into practice after the training. It includes case examples illustrating the use of the Solihull Approach model in a managerial context and has space for personal notes and reflections.
We also encourage practitioners to have access to a more comprehensive Resource Pack (First Five Years, School Years, Fostering and Adoption and so on, depending on their work context). This encourages further reading about the model and its application, enhancing theory into practice.
We have found that in order to support professionals’ continued use of the Solihull Approach model and to move theory into practice, it is vital to put into place a plan for ongoing support before the training begins, see Making it Happen. Many areas have found a variety of ways of providing support, see Solihull Approach in Use.
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