Understanding Trauma Seminar Trainers' Manual

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The ‘Understanding trauma’ Trainers’ Manual is for delivering a one day seminar to child and family practitioners (for those working with adults, see ‘Keeping trauma in mind‘).
It can be used to create a trauma informed workforce. It could also be used as a catalyst to create a trauma aware community. It integrates an understanding of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) with trauma and how to apply this understanding to practice.
This Solihull Approach Advanced Training is suitable for larger groups, up to 40.
supporting information booklet for delegates summarises the key information from the seminar. It also includes reflective questions to support processing and integration of the information.
The certificate contributes to Solihull Approach Advanced Trained Practitioner status, together with two more certificates from other Solihull Advanced Trainings: Brain development; Attachment; or the Refresher training.
To deliver the training you need to have completed a 2 Day Foundation training.
You may find it helpful to participate in a ‘Understanding trauma’ seminar before you deliver it yourself.
For more details see trainings.