Whole School Training Trainers' Manual

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To train a whole school, including administrators and governors.
The aims of the training are to:

  • Provide the framework of the Solihull Approach model for understanding  your pupils’ behaviour, to help your pupil to learn
  • Understand how relationships affect behaviour
  • Understand the importance of relationships for brain development
  • Provide a ‘framework for thinking’ when learning about behavioural techniques to enable practitioners to apply their knowledge of behavioural techniques more effectively through understanding their pupils’ behaviour
  • Understand how the relationship can help your pupil ‘upregulate’ or ‘downregulate’ their emotional level in order to be in a better state to learn.

Quantitative statistical analysis found that six months after the Solihull Approach Whole School training, teachers in School A showed a statistically significant increase in satisfaction with their helping role, self-esteem, and teacher efficacy scores as well as a decrease in feeling burnt out/stressed. The teachers at School B who did not receive the training only showed an improvement in teacher efficacy over the period
Hassett, A. and Appleton, R. (2016) Understanding your pupil’s behaviour: a pilot study from two primary schools in Kent. Research Report.
The Solihull Approach supports attainment in schools in several ways. See our schools page for more information.
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