Whole School Training: Supporting Information Booklet

Price: £5



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It is recommended that schools who have received the Solihull Approach Whole School Training have several copies of the full Solihull Approach Resource Pack ‘The School Years’ available within the school.

Depending on the school, it may also be appropriate to have the ‘First Five Years’ and the ‘Fostering and Adoption’ resource packs available.

These Resource Packs have lots of case studies and detailed information on how to use the Solihull Approach, so we do recommend that you access the Resource Packs after the training, as they support moving theory into practice.

However, it is very unlikely that each person in a school will have their own copy of the comprehensive resource packs. So, to further support staff to move theory into practice, we have brought together some core information in a Supporting Information Booklet.

Solihull Approach Whole School Supporting Information Booklet ‘Understanding your pupils’ behaviour’ accompanies the Solihull Approach Whole School Training and can only be purchased as part of a Whole School Training.

This 32 page booklet provides useful summaries of brain development, containment, reciprocity, and behaviour management, and emotional and developmental milestones from 0-18 years. It includes a scenario that can be used as an exercise for linking theory to practice. It also includes a description of the activities delegates are asked to complete between Days 1 and 2 to support theory to practice links.

The Booklet is available for £5 and reduces the need for additional photocopying to support the training.

Minimum order of 10. A copy is required for each delegate for the Whole School Training.

For orders less than 10 please contact the Solihull Approach on 0121 296 4448 or email the office at solihull.approach@uhb.nhs.uk