Our trainings

During this time of dealing with COVID-19 we are postponing all face to face trainings. We are delivering live, virtual trainings. We can deliver a closed training just for your group of practitioners who are working remotely at home or elsewhere.
Commission a ‘closed’ training
We have grouped the Trainings by ‘type’ below. If you’d rather view them by who are they for click here and then scroll down the page.
Training for individuals 
We also have live, virtual trainings open for individuals.
Advanced Solihull Approach training
If you would like Advanced Solihull Approach training, you can access these online: Understanding trauma, Understanding attachment, Understanding brain development . If you are working from home and have a teenager at home too, you might be interested in our online courses Understanding your teenager’s brain and Understanding your brain. For teenagers only!
Support to cascade
We have webinars to support you to cascade Solihull Approach training.
Ordering Manuals
If you would like to find out about (or order) Manuals and Resource Packs, click on Order.
Contact us on: 0121 296 4448 or solihull.approach@heartofengland.nhs.uk
Pathway to training
This pathway illustrates the training required to deliver the various parenting groups or cascade training to other practitioners.

Two Day Foundation Training


Whole School Training


Early Years Foundation Stage


Group Facilitators Training


Combined Foundation and Group Facilitators Training


Train Others to Facilitate Groups


Train Others to Train Others


Cascade Training


Solihull Approach Plus Seminars




Peer Breastfeeding Supporter Training


Face to Face Parenting Group


Online Course