Early Years Foundation Stage Training

All practitioners start with a 2 Day Foundation training, to introduce them to the Solihull Approach and how it can be used in their daily work on a one-to-one basis.
This Early Years Foundation Stage Training integrates a knowledge of the UK Early Years Foundation Stage with the Solihull Approach model. The Solihull Approach supports the Early Years Foundation Stage, showing how they link together and how understanding the Solihull Approach model can add to the understanding of the EYFS.
The Solihull Approach training is designed for any practitioner working with babies and young children in an Early Years setting such as a nursery.
There are two weeks between Day 1 and Day 2 to enhance theory into practice. To fit in with the work pattern of Early Years practitioners, the days are shorter at 5 hours each.
You will need easily accessible Solihull Approach First Five Years Resource Packs for practitioners. This encourages further reading about the model and its application, enhancing theory into practice. The Resource Packs include photocopiable handouts for parents.
We have found that in order to support professionals continued use of the Solihull Approach and to move theory into practice, it is vital to put into place a plan for ongoing support before the training begins, see Making it Happen. Many areas have found a variety of ways of providing support, see Solihull Approach in Use.

Type of training:

early years foundation stage

Typical length:

2 short days (5 hours each)

Aim of training:

To introduce practitioners to the Solihull Approach model as applied to working with babies, young children and their families in an Early Years setting and link it to the UK's Early Years Foundation Stage.

Example content:

Baby brain development, introduction to the the Solihull Approach model, links to the UK's EYFS, observation exercise and practice, applying the model.


£1326 for a group of 12. This does not include the price of Resource Packs. This does not include trainers travel costs or accomodation. We try to use trainers near to you to keep costs to a minimum.

Pre-training knowledge:

Experience of working with young children.


Early Years practitioners

Maximum number of people: