Face to Face Parenting Groups

Antenatal face to face group ‘Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby’
Postnatal group ‘Understanding your baby’.
Postnatal Plus targeted group ‘Understanding your baby’ for mothers and fathers with relationship difficulties with their baby and mothers with postnatal depression.
Parenting group 6 months-18 years ‘Understanding your child’s behaviour’
For details of how to train to become a facilitator, see Group Facilitators Training
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The content of each course is reflected in the corresponding online course.

Type of training:

face to face

Typical length:

Depends on group e.g. 2 hours a week for 10 weeks for 'Understanding your child's behaviour', 2 hours a week for 5 weeks for the antenatal 'Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby', 2 hours a week for 6 weeks for the postnatal 'Understanding your baby'.

Aim of training:

To promote emotional health and well-being over the life of the child by supporting the relationship between the child and parents or carers.

Example content:

See particular course in Shop. Antenatal 'Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby' Postnatal 'Understanding your baby' Postnatal Plus 'Understanding your baby' Parenting group 'Understanding your child's behaviour' Fostering and adoption 'Understanding your foster child'


See particular course in Trainings.

Pre-training knowledge:

Experience of working with the relevant client group. Completion of the 2 Day Foundation Training prior to the 1 Day Facilitator Training, or completion of the relevant Combined Foundation Training and Facilitator Training.


Mothers, fathers, partners, grandparents.