Parenting and Postnatal Group Facilitators’ Train the Trainer

This 1 day training is to train delegates so that they can train others to train facilitators of the Parenting and Postnatal Parenting groups.
Delegates must have previously attended: 2 Day Foundation training AND Parenting Group Facilitators’ training AND Parenting Group or Postnatal Group Train the Trainer.
This training day is for practitioners who wish to train others to train facilitators of the Parenting Group or Postnatal Parenting Groups, as part of their work to other local practitioners – so that those practitioners can train others to facilitate the 10-week parenting group ‘Understanding your child’s behaviour’ or the 6-week postnatal parenting group or the 8-week postnatal Plus parenting group ‘Understanding your baby’.
The training will include a Trainers’ Manual to support delivery of the training. The Trainers’ Manual includes information about delivering each session and practical guidance for trainers, as well as handouts, etc.
When delivering training the trainers are responsible for:

Type of training:

train others to train others

Typical length:

1 day

Aim of training:

To provide a cost-effective method to train a critical mass of practitioners who are trained as facilitators of the Solihull Approach Parenting and Postnatal Parenting Groups.

Example content:

Applying the Solihull Approach model to the process of running a training, introduction to the Manual, becoming familiar with the activities.


£TBC for a group of 12 or £TBC for 1 person attending training in Solihull. This includes the price of the Trainer' Manual. It does not include the price of Resource Packs. This does not include trainers' travel costs or accomodation. We try to use trainers near to you to keep costs to a minimum.

Pre-training knowledge:

Completed Solihull Approach 2 Day Foundation Training AND a Parenting Facilitators Training (Antenatal, Postnatal or Parenting) AND Parenting Group or Postnatal Group Train the Trainer.


Practitioners who want to train others to train facilitators to run the Postnatal Group

Maximum number of people: