Postnatal Parenting Group Facilitators' Training

To be able to facilitate the 6-week ‘Understanding your baby’ postnatal parenting group, combining traditional postnatal information with supporting families in their relationship with their baby. The Facilitators’ Manual is necessary for both facilitators and is included in the price.
This Manual enables practitioners to facilitate the Solihull Approach 6 week postnatal group ‘Understanding your baby’. This group is a universal group for all mothers, fathers, partners, grandparents or any other person who has a carer role with the baby.
As an individual you could attend the Parenting Group Facilitator’s Training instead, which will also equip you to run our groups for parents: the Antenatal Parenting group, Postnatal Parenting Group, Postnatal Plus Parenting group and ‘Understanding your child’s behaviour’. Just make sure you have the right Facilitator’s Manual!
Session 1: Understanding your and your baby’s feelings
Session 2: Understanding your baby’s brain development, communication and crying
Session 3: Understanding your baby’s rhythms and developing healthy sleep patterns
Session 4: Understanding your baby’s feeding
Session 5: Understanding your baby’s play and development
Session 6: Understanding your baby’s childcare
To run this group you need to have completed a 2 Day Foundation Training and a Parenting Group Facilitators training.

Type of training:

group facilitators training

Typical length:

1 day

Aim of training:

To introduce Solihull Approach trained delegates to how to facilitate the Solihull Approach 6-week 'Understanding your baby' postnatal group for parents. To support parents in their relationship with their baby in the first months after birth.

Example content:

Applying the Solihull Approach model to the process of running a group, introduction to the Facilitators' Manual for the Solihull Approach 6-week 'Understanding your baby' postnatal group for parents, practising running the activities. Content of the group includes understanding different types of cry, feeding and weaning, sleeping patterns etc


£2019 for a group of 12 or £193 for 1 person attending training in Solihull. This includes the price of the Trainer' Manual. It does not include the price of Resource Packs. This does not include trainers' travel costs or accomodation. We try to use trainers near to you to keep costs to a minimum.

Pre-training knowledge:

Completed Solihull Approach 2 Day Foundation Training. Experience of working with parents postnatally.


Practitioners who want to run a Solihull Approach postnatal group for parents.

Maximum number of people: