Webinars on using tech during COVID-19

You’ll find four webinars on this page, covering the use of technology to support parents and the use of technology to deliver training to practitioners.

Webinar on running live virtual Solihull Approach groups for parents

Many of you are shifting your offer to parents from face to face groups to live virtual groups. We have created a How to Guide and we ran a live webinar which included practical and creative ideas to support parents and facilitators in running groups via a digital platform. You can access the webinar below, if you missed it. Feedback indicates that there are many similarities to running the parenting groups as live virtual groups rather than face to face, in using the Manual and running the activities. There are also differences! It is not a presentation by Powerpoint or similar. The key is to use the Facilitators’ Manual and run the activities. If you want to, you can replicate using a flipchart by using the Whiteboard function in Zoom or your digital platform. If you want to divide parents into small groups you can use the Breakout room function in Zoom.

If you live in an area with a Multi User Licence to use our online courses across the population or are prepared to provide the online courses for parents, it is possible to run a live group using the online course as a structure. Sounds confusing? Watch the next webinar by Karen Jackson in Hull.

Webinar on one area’s experience of running live virtual groups for parents based on using Solihull Approach online courses for parents

Are you thinking about how to run live virtual groups for parents? Karen Jackson, Early Help Parenting Coordinator from Hull describes their experience of blending the use of the online course with a live group format. Runs for 10 minutes.

Webinar on ideas for supporting families using Solihull Approach online courses for parents

Are you trying to support parents online? Dr Clea Thompson, Principal Clinical Child Psychologist and Lillian Rose, Clinical Associate Psychologist from NHS Fife present a free webinar sharing their experience of supporting families using the Solihull Approach ‘Understanding your child’ ‘Understanding your baby’ and ‘Understanding your teenager’s brain’ online courses. It includes feedback from parents and practitioners. Runs for 48 minutes.

Webinar on how to run Solihull Approach training via Zoom

Are you thinking of using Zoom to cascade Solihull Approach training to your colleagues? We have run several trainings now via Zoom and have gathered together the trainers’ experiences and the tweaks to the running order and activities.

This is a free webinar by Mary Rheeston, Solihull Approach Manager and a health visitor. It runs for about 44 minutes.

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