What We Do

The Solihull Approach is all about emotional health and well-being. We provide training and resources for practitioners working with children and families. We provide online courses and face to face groups for parents. We provide training for schools. We provide resources for companies.
We share key messages from research about how we relate to and understand each other; the foundation for our emotional, cognitive and social development.
Many thousands of care professionals throughout the country and overseas regularly use the Solihull Approach way of thinking in their practice.
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For Practitioners
Find out about our trainings and resource packs to order. Hear about the Solihull Approach in use. Register your group or your data returns.

Many thousands of parents have accessed the Solihull Approach ‘Understanding your child’ courses, in groups or online. The online ‘Understanding your child’ is now available in English, Urdu and other languages.
For Parents
Parents access the online courses for parents and downloads at Ourplace. Our face to face groups for parents (antenatal, postnatal and 6 months to 19 years) are run in many areas. Some are listed at Ourplace. Health visitors, Children’s Centres and the local Family Information Service usually know when groups are running.
For Commissioners, we offer excellent cost efficient value, with cascadable evidence based resources across the workforce and the population.
For Commissioners
We are about supporting the emotional health and well-being of the population through working with practitioners and parents. You can read about our research. You can hear about large scale implementations of the Solihull Approach ‘In use‘. You can read about our trainings that we deliver to the Practitioner, School and Parent communities.
For Schools
We have range of resources to support emotional health and well-being in pupils, staff and parents; from training for staff and groups and online courses for parents.
We support corporate Well-being Strategies, quickly and effectively.
For corporates
The Solihull Approach can be incorporated within a Corporate Well-being Strategy.  Contact us for more details.

Never stop learning …

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