Work Place Wellbeing support for employees

Are you an employer with an interest in the well-being of your staff?

Are you an employee who would like your organisation to offer you free or discounted access to our courses?

Decades of research have shown that stress generated by parenting issues at home can lead to:

  • reduced job satisfaction and performance
  • poor organisation
  • reduced career commitment
  • increased psychological distress
  • absenteeism
  • reduce parental productivity at work

Employers have found that offering their employees free access to our online courses has the following benefits.
Benefits to the organization:

  • Improves understanding of relationships – beneficial for all relationships e.g. within the organisation, and with customers.
  • Improves communication with colleagues and customers
  • Reduces impact of stress caused by family and home circumstances
  • Supports healthy work-life balance
  • Improves staff retention and presenteeism
  • Enhances existing benefits package for staff

Benefits to the individual:

  • Feel supported by employer
  • Improves understanding of communication skills
  • Improves wellbeing
  • Increases closeness in relationships with children*
  • Decreases conflict with children*
  • Time for reflection, learn about how children’s brains operate, apply the latest research findings, make life easier, raise emotionally resilient children.
  • Part of a universal benefits package

Multi-user licences are available:

  • Fixed time period, unlimited user allowance
  • Fixed user allowance, unlimited time period
  • Generous discount structure, call us to discuss
  • Licences can include one or all available courses (e.g. antenatal and/or 0-18yrs)

Your employees would create their own account at They then use a coupon code provided by you to ‘buy’ the course for £0.00, or at a discounted rate, subsidised by you.
We can assign a generic coupon code to your organisation e.g. YOURORG26548 OR we can create multiple unique coupon codes for your onward distribution.
The way you present information to your employees will affect take-up of the course. Our multi-user licence ‘Implementation kit’ includes useful templates for you to personalise and edit for a successful launch within your organisation.
LOW COST option:
If you are unable to purchase a multi-user licence, you may choose to make the course available in the workplace at convenient times e.g. during lunchtimes with employees paying some or all of the cost.
The multi-user licence ‘Implementation kit’ can support you to raise awareness within your organisation of this option .
To discuss your multi-user license requirements contact us here.