Events – SA

Our next Solihull Approach ‘Learning Together’ conference is on December 7th 2016. Teams from around the UK and elsewhere are presenting their work as posters or presentations.
Posters include: work with the Fire Service, supporting peer breastfeeding supporters, new research on the parenting group, new research on the foster carers’ course, working with community children’s nurses, research on outcomes from training 622 practitioners from the adolescent workforce, outcomes of the antenatal group, the experience of running the antenatal group, research outcomes from the online course for parents, Solihull Approach and trauma for adult practitioners and using the Solihull Approach in setting up a parent and baby unit in Australia.
There are also short presentations on: setting up the parenting group in a prison in Scotland, the Solihull Approach in Devon, working with Early Years teachers and nurseries in Leicestershire, the experience of using the Solihull Approach with foster carers and kinship carers and using the Solihull Approach at home and at work.
To book a place, complete the registration form or contact us on 0121 296 4448 or or via the Contact Us page.
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