FAQ General

Find the answer to common questions about the Solihull Approach here.
Q: If we have a group of practitioners that want a training will you come to us?
A: Yes. Give us a ring on 0121 296 4448 or if you know what you want order a training here.
Q: How many practitioners can be on one training?
A: Most trainings are for 12 people, but Solihull Approach Advanced Trainings can be for any number as can Workshops for Parents. See training details for more information.
Q: My area doesn’t do the Solihull Approach yet, but I want the training. Do you train one person?
A: Yes, at our trainings in Solihull. See Book on Training for dates. If there is a ‘niche’ training that isn’t featured here, contact us to let us know as we maintain a waiting list and put the training on when we have enough people.
Q: My Conor DVD doesn’t work is there a YouTube link?
A: The following link will take you to the YouTube video Talking Cure 1999 – Programme 4: Conor James https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFV7Sh_X1WY.
Q: I’m in a Solihull Approach antenatal group but my partner can’t get to the sessions. Does the online course have the same content?
A: Yes it does, so that everyone around you has access to the same information.
Q: I want to buy the online antenatal course as a baby shower gift for my son. Can I do that so he gets it as a gift as his email address?
A: Yes, you can do that now. There are a few steps so it’s best to call the office on 0121 296 4448 and we can walk you through it.
Q: I’m doing the online course. Do I get a certificate?
A: Yes you do.
Q: Do you have an evidence base?
A: Yes, see our research section. We are currently completing an RCT on the parenting group. We are also featured in the Commissioner’s Toolkit and on NICE as a case study. We are featured in strategy documents of the  Governments of Scotland, England and N Ireland.
Q: Are you expensive?
A: No. We offer great value for money. Everything is cascadable.
Q: Can you upscale easily?
A: Yes. See Solihull Approach in use for examples. Areas have covered thousands of practitioners. It is also possible to cover thousands of parents.
Q: Do you offer anything that would fit in with our well-being strategy?
A: Yes we do. Please contact us and we can talk about how we might add value.