Train the Trainer (Antenatal Foundation)

This training is for Solihull Approach-trained practitioners who wish to cascade, as part of their work, the 2 Day Antenatal Foundation training to other local practitioners.
Individual practitioners will have identified their own training needs and this training day is therefore designed to support and enhance a professional’s current skills and knowledge.
We have developed a range of Trainers’ Manuals to use when cascading the training:
Trainers’ Manual – to deliver the 2 Day Foundation training
Antenatal Trainers’ Manual- to deliver the Antenatal 2DF training
Fostering & Adoption Trainers’ Manual – to deliver the Fostering & Adoption 2DF training
Trainers do not necessarily need to have attended the specific Foundation training which they wish to cascade, though they will at least need the correct manual and access to the relevant resource pack:
For example, a practitioner may attend the 2 Day Foundation training, then the Train the Trainer (Foundation) day – but if they then purchase the Antenatal Trainers’ Manual and the Antenatal: Journey to Parenthood resource pack, they are then able to cascade the Antenatal 2 Day Foundation training. However, it is easier if the practitioner has attended the 2 Day Antenatal Foundation training and then completes the Train the Trainer (Antenatal Foundation) in order to the deliver the 2 Day Antenatal Foundation training.

Type of training:

training to enable delegates to train others

Typical length:

1 day

Aim of training:

To train trainers to deliver the Solihull Approach 2 Day Antenatal Foundation Training.

Example content:

Applying the Solihull Approach model to the process of running a training, introduction to the Trainers' Manual for running the 2 Day Antenatal Foundation Training.


£2499 for a group of 12 or £233 for 1 person attending training in Solihull. This includes the price of the Trainer' Manual. It does not include the price of Resource Packs. This does not include trainers' travel costs or accomodation. We try to use trainers near to you to keep costs to a minimum.

Pre-training knowledge:

2 Day Foundation Training to attend the Train the Trainer (Antenatal Foundation). 2 Day Foundation training and Train the Trainer Day to deliver the 2 Day Antenatal Foundation Training to others.


Solihull Approach trained practitioners who want to be trainers.

Maximum number of people: