Understanding Trauma

This is a Solihull Approach Advanced Training. You can use this training to create a Trauma Aware workforce and/or a Trauma Aware Community. It has been designed for both child practitioners and for practitioners who work with adults. (For adult practitioners there will soon be available a Combined 2 Day Foundation and Trauma Training.)
This is a 1 day seminar on trauma. It can be used as a stand alone seminar, but it provides most value as a follow up to the 2 Day Foundation training to deepen knowledge and to keep moving theory into practice. If you are using this seminar to create a Trauma Aware school, then it should be used after the Whole School Training.
The training includes a supporting information booklet.
You can run this seminar in your local area. If you want to observe the seminar before running it yourself, you can ask us to run it for you in your local area or you can attend the seminar in Solihull. Occasionally we run them in other locations, so it’s worth checking the Book an individual training place page
This seminar is designed to consolidate learning from the 2 Day Foundation, but will provide the best value as part of a theory into practice strategy that includes work discussion time and the Solihull Approach Advanced Trainings: the Refresher Day and the seminars on brain development and attachment. This Understanding Trauma seminar links trauma to the Solihull Approach model, brain development, attachment and epigenetics so that the seminars link together.

Type of training:


Typical length:

1 day

Aim of training:

To understand more about the effects of trauma on children and adults To understand how trauma can affect brain development. To recognise the effects of trauma on children and adults. To understand how to support traumatised children, adults and communities. To show how the Solihull Approach model underpins all of the above.

Example content:

Type 1 and Type 2 trauma. The window of tolerance. Stages of going through a traumatic experience. Neurology and trauma. Recognising trauma. Recovery from trauma. SELF model. Trauma, attachment and epigenetics. Community trauma. Trauma aware community. Everything is included in the Manual and CD. You do not need additional video clips.


£149 for the manual. £68 for an individual to attend in Solihull. £879 to put on a training in your area.

Pre-training knowledge:

To deliver this you need to have completed the 2 Day Foundation Training. Preferably Train the Trainer, but not a requirement. This does not include the price of Resource Packs, or Supporting Information Booklets (one per delegate required). This does not include trainers travel costs or accommodation. We try to use trainers near to you to keep costs to a minimum.


Solihull Approach trained practitioners, those working with children, families and adults.

Maximum number of people: