Online Courses: General Info


You can find out more about our online courses at Ourplace, or to view a summary of the content of the courses click here. You can buy a course for yourself or as a gift for your partner, friend or relative. Click the button below to get started!

Practitioners and commissioners

The online courses cover from conception up to 19 years: the antenatal course ‘Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby’; the postnatal course ‘Understanding your baby’, and courses for parents ‘Understanding your child’ (0-19 years, main course), ‘Understanding your child with additional needs’ (0-19 years, main course) and short courses ‘Understanding your teenager’s brain’ and ‘Understanding your brain. For teenagers only!’.
The content of the online courses is the same as the Solihull Approach face-to-face groups, which are evidence based with published papers and a RCT.
Online courses are available in 108 languages, with voiceovers in English and Urdu.
A multi-user licence enables an area to ramp up the offer across the population, as it is for an unlimited number of users. It covers the age range seamlessly from antenatal up to 19 years. It can be built into systems. It destigmatises support for parents. 
Discounts are available for smaller multiple orders. The discount is 10% for orders of 10-49, 15% for orders between 50-99 and 20% for orders above 100.
For more details please contact us at or 0121 296 4448 or via the Contact Us page.
Many schools use the online courses for all their parents.