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Practitioners and Trainers during COVID

We have worked to put together a raft of things to support you to support children and families. In summary, here they are:
1. All our training for you is now live virtual training. For individuals you can find our trainings here. For teams we can run a training for upto 12 people as a live, virtual training wherever you are. See the trainings on our website or contact us on .
2. Individual practitioners can complete any or all of our 3 online courses for practitioners on trauma, attachment or brain development. Following requests, we now can offer these as a Multi User Licence for an area for an unlimited number of practitioners …very cost effective as well as a great way to raise trauma awareness, for example.
3. The 5 online courses for parents are now available across Scotland, N Ireland, Wales and 40 counties in England on a Multi User Licence. If you live in an area without one and want to know more, then please contact us or ring on 0121 296 4448. We love to talk about destigmatising access to information for parents! The courses are available here.
4. Free webinar on using the online course ‘Understanding your child’ to work one to one with parents, face to face or virtually.
5. Free webinar on how to use the online courses for parents as the scaffolding to run live virtual groups with parents.
6. Free How to Guide on running live virtual groups for parents.
7. Free live webinar to be run on December 10th 2020 and then freely available on how to run live virtual groups for parents.
8. Free webinar on how to run the 2 Day Foundation training as a live, virtual training.

Trainings and resources

As well as all the trainings, there are four comprehensive resource packs to support your work: for those who work antenatally, in the early years, in the school years (these are now available in paper format or e format) or in foster care and adoption. They are designed as a distance learning resource, with case studies and reflective questions to support moving theory to practice. They include and build on the information from the 2 Day Foundation Training.
You can learn to facilitate our range of face to face groups for parents and foster carers: the 5 session antenatal course,  the 6 session postnatal course, the 8 session postnatal Plus course, the 10 session course for all parents of children aged 6 months to 18 years, the 10 session courses for parents of children with disabilities or ASD, the 10 session course for adoptive parents, the 12 session course for foster carers.
You can find out about our online courses for parents.


Professional translations are available of the discussion leaflets in the First Five Years Resource Pack. These translations are slowly expanding.
Download free professional translations of the parent’s view and child’s view of sleeping, feeding, toileting and behaviour in Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese (Mandarin), Gujerati, Lithuanian, Polish, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Urdu, Welsh and Arabic.
Leaflets and downloads are available in 108 languages using the Google Translate button on the page.

Information for facilitators of Solihull Approach groups

If you facilitate any of the Solihull Approach groups (antenatal, postnatal, postnatal plus, parenting, targeted parenting, adoptive parents, parents of children on the autistic spectrum, parents of children with disabilities, foster carers) please register your groups onto this website after you have finished the group.
You don’t have to create a log in to submit data returns, but if you do you will have access to your own My parenting groups, My data returns, My group details submissions and the ability to create a webpage for your group. If you complete the My parenting groups form it will then automatically populate the My data returns form to make everything easier for you.
You can let people know that you are running a Solihull Approach group in your local area and create a free webpage for your group at My parenting groups. Parents will be able to see this at Ourplace, the website for parents.
You can see a record of all your registered groups at My group details submissions.
Information about Revisions of the resource packs, manuals, agreement & code of practice
Facilitator’s Manual for Understanding your child’s behaviour – April 2016 Download Trainers’ Manual to deliver the 2 Day Foundation Training – 2014-2015 Download. Major revision in 2017.
Fostering and Adoption Resource Pack – 2016 Download The First Five Years, School Years and the Antenatal Resource Pack (Journey to Parenthood) have all been comprehensively revised in 2017. There are too many changes to list. They are now available in a print version and in an e version.  The print version has an optional add on of a Leaflet Pack where the leaflets can be downloaded to print.
Agreement/Code of practice – Nov 19 Download Information for trainers
When you are training practitioners to be facilitators of any of the Solihull Approach groups (antenatal, postnatal, postnatal plus, parenting, targeted parenting, adoptive parents, parents of children on the autistic spectrum, parents of children with disabilities, foster carers) please emphasise how important it is to register their groups onto this website at Data returns after they have finished the group.